It's not a typo. But it is archaic. It means, "knowledge of medicine."


The A.S.P. is a confederation of doctors, biologists, and chemists who go out into the wilderness to find novel natural products with medicinal properties. Unfortunately, their membership is aging out.


The task was to create a recruitment campaign targeted at up-and-coming scientists. But if the public doesn't know what your organization does in the first place, how do you generate interest?


Our solution was to bring emerging artists along for the ride.


Together, these young minds will make the invisible visible.


Lastly, though this was done in grad school, this was the start of work that actually happened.



Phase 1: Awareness

 Phase 2: Catalyst in Action

Pharmacognosists go on expeditions to do their work.

It's only natural that our collaborators will travel as well.

 Phase 3: Galleries

After returning from Catalyst expeditions, these traveling galleries

display the creative collaboration between our artists and scientists.